[pygobject] tests: skip a flaky test on pypy3

commit 0c637629706e588e491b48f1684a664b5fb2ac83
Author: Christoph Reiter <reiter christoph gmail com>
Date:   Sat Aug 11 17:27:24 2018 +0200

    tests: skip a flaky test on pypy3
    This sometimes segfaults on pypy3. I can't see why, so skip for now
    and reenable once pypy3 haa a stable release.

 tests/test_gi.py | 1 +
 1 file changed, 1 insertion(+)
diff --git a/tests/test_gi.py b/tests/test_gi.py
index 3d87662e..2b6f3c0a 100644
--- a/tests/test_gi.py
+++ b/tests/test_gi.py
@@ -1646,6 +1646,7 @@ class TestGValue(unittest.TestCase):
         assert obj.__grefcount__ == grefcount
+    @unittest.skipIf(platform.python_implementation() == "PyPy" and PY3, "fixme")
     def test_gvalue_gobject_ref_counts(self):
         # Tests a GObject held by a GValue
         obj = GObject.Object()

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