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 Creating and Importing Projects
+Builder supports creating new projects as well as importing existing projects.
+When importing a project, you can either open it from your local computer or clone from a remote git 
 Creating a new Project
+To create a new project, select "New" from the project greeter.
+You will be shown the project creation guide.
 .. image:: ../figures/newproject.png
    :align: center
+Give your project a meaningful name, as this is not easily changeable later.
+It should not have spaces in the name.
+If you need multiple words, consider using "-" to separate the words.
+Choose the language you would like to use for the project.
+This will affect what templates are available.
+Choosing a license helps promote sharing of your application.
+Builder is **GPLv3 or newer** and is our suggestion for writing new applications for GNOME.
+If you do not want git-based version control, turn off the switch to disable git support.
+Lastly, select a suitable template for your application.
+Some patterns are available to speed up the bootstrapping of your project.
 Cloning an Existing Project
+To clone an existing project, you will need the URL of your **git repository**.
+For example, to clone the Builder project, you could specify ``git://git.gnome.org/gnome-builder.git``.
 .. image:: ../figures/clone.png
    :align: center
+After entering the URL, click "Clone" in the upper right corner of the window and wait for the operation to 
+Once the project has been cloned, you will be shown the workbench window.
+.. note:: If the remote repository requires authorization you will be displayed with a dialog to provide 

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