[vala] (7 commits) ...vapi: Remove librsvg-2.0 binding

Summary of changes:

  c03783a... glib-2.0: Add GLib.OPTION_REMAINING and GLib.OptionFlags.NO (*)
  164abf4... Make use of GLib.OPTION_REMAINING instead of "" (*)
  ede9008... vapi: Remove gedit 3 binding (*)
  4cc7609... vapi: Remove libgnome-keyring binding (*)
  2279e8c... vapi: Remove gtksourceview-3.0 bindings (*)
  4f3a37c... vapi: Remove libgdata bindings (*)
  d062eba... vapi: Remove librsvg-2.0 binding (*)

(*) This commit already existed in another branch; no separate mail sent

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