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 # I'm part of the engagement team. How do I work with GitLab?
-### Looking at the community requests
-If you want to see all the requests from the community, click in the sidebar
-in the "issues". 
-You can also see all the kind of requests we have and navigate through them
-clicking in the sidebar "issues" and then "labels". Here are some shortcuts to
-see all the requests for all the types we have:
-Click [here]() for requests about social media.
-Click [here]() for requests about swag.
-### What to do when something is done?
-Navigate to the issue and click the button on the top right corner "close issue".
-### How can I add images?
-You can use the buttons you have on the bottom when commenting on an issue or
-simply drag and drop your images from your desktop.
-### How can I know to what date something should be done?
-You can look in the sidebar, the section "due date". You can also edit it clicking
-on it to change.
-### How do I subscribe to an task so I get notified when people comment or something changes?
-Inside the issue, click the button "subscribe". You can click it again to unsusbcribe.
-### How do I know if someone needs something from me?
-You will receive an email, or you can look into your ToDo task list in the top
-right corner.
-### How do I assign myself to a task?
-You can either just comment in the issue, or click in the right sidebar to
-"assignee" and add yourself.
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+Look at [our wiki](https://gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME-Community/engagement/wikis/home) for instructions.
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