[gnome-clocks] Updated Friulian translation

commit a1328a84bc5734398f3fd0285929d298a62b8285
Author: Fabio Tomat <f t public gmail com>
Date:   Fri Apr 15 17:56:25 2016 +0000

    Updated Friulian translation

 po/fur.po |   20 ++++++++++----------
 1 files changed, 10 insertions(+), 10 deletions(-)
diff --git a/po/fur.po b/po/fur.po
index dfb14bc..0bb4ec3 100644
--- a/po/fur.po
+++ b/po/fur.po
@@ -8,8 +8,8 @@ msgstr ""
 "Project-Id-Version: gnome-clocks master\n"
 "Report-Msgid-Bugs-To: http://bugzilla.gnome.org/enter_bug.cgi?";
-"POT-Creation-Date: 2016-04-08 07:30+0000\n"
-"PO-Revision-Date: 2016-04-08 18:14+0200\n"
+"POT-Creation-Date: 2016-04-15 07:29+0000\n"
+"PO-Revision-Date: 2016-04-15 19:55+0200\n"
 "Last-Translator: Fabio Tomat <f t public gmail com>\n"
 "Language-Team: Friulian <fur li org>\n"
 "Language: fur\n"
@@ -43,7 +43,7 @@ msgstr "Obietîfs:"
 #: ../data/appdata/org.gnome.clocks.appdata.xml.in.h:5
 msgid "Show the time in different cities around the world"
-msgstr "Mostre le ore in plui citâts ator pal mont"
+msgstr "Mostre la ore in plui citâts ator pal mont"
 #: ../data/appdata/org.gnome.clocks.appdata.xml.in.h:6
 msgid "Set alarms to wake you up"
@@ -170,7 +170,7 @@ msgstr "Orlois mondiai configurâts"
 #: ../data/org.gnome.clocks.gschema.xml.in.h:2
 msgid "List of world clocks to show."
-msgstr "Liste di orlois mondiai di mostrâ."
+msgstr "Liste di orlois mondiâi di mostrâ."
 #: ../data/org.gnome.clocks.gschema.xml.in.h:3
 msgid "Configured alarms"
@@ -186,7 +186,7 @@ msgstr "Timer"
 #: ../data/org.gnome.clocks.gschema.xml.in.h:6
 msgid "Configured timer duration in seconds."
-msgstr "Durade dal timer in seconts."
+msgstr "Durade dal temporizadôr in seconts."
 #: ../data/org.gnome.clocks.gschema.xml.in.h:7
 msgid "Geolocation support"
@@ -206,11 +206,11 @@ msgstr "Stât dal barcon, par esempli slargjât."
 #: ../data/org.gnome.clocks.gschema.xml.in.h:11
 msgid "Window width and height"
-msgstr "Largjece e altece dal balcon"
+msgstr "Largjece e altece dal barcon"
 #: ../data/org.gnome.clocks.gschema.xml.in.h:12
 msgid "Width and height of the window."
-msgstr "Largjece e altece dal balcon."
+msgstr "Largjece e altece dal barcon."
 #: ../data/org.gnome.clocks.gschema.xml.in.h:13
 msgid "Panel state"
@@ -289,7 +289,7 @@ msgstr "Selezione <b>Gnûf</b> par zontâ un orloi par une localitât tal mont"
 #: ../data/ui/world.ui.h:2
 msgid "Sunrise"
-msgstr "Cricâ dal dî"
+msgstr "Cricâ dal dì"
 #: ../data/ui/world.ui.h:3
 msgid "Sunset"
@@ -347,7 +347,7 @@ msgstr "Martars"
 #: ../src/utils.vala:170
 msgid "Wednesdays"
-msgstr "Miarcus"
+msgstr "Miercus"
 #: ../src/utils.vala:171
 msgid "Thursdays"
@@ -403,7 +403,7 @@ msgstr "Impussibil mostrâ l'aiût: %s"
 #: ../src/window.vala:238
 msgid "Utilities to help you with the time."
-msgstr "Imprescj par controlâ le ore."
+msgstr "Imprescj par controlâ la ore."
 #: ../src/window.vala:243
 msgid "translator-credits"

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