[gnome-mahjongg] Added Friulian translation

commit 77ed195e2ae95425263e7aa032d14f856b458a29
Author: Fabio Tomat <f t public gmail com>
Date:   Wed Oct 28 14:52:32 2015 +0000

    Added Friulian translation

 po/LINGUAS |    1 +
 po/fur.po  |  315 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
 2 files changed, 316 insertions(+), 0 deletions(-)
diff --git a/po/LINGUAS b/po/LINGUAS
index a5765e4..e2650e5 100644
--- a/po/LINGUAS
+++ b/po/LINGUAS
@@ -31,6 +31,7 @@ eu
diff --git a/po/fur.po b/po/fur.po
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..168cc8c
--- /dev/null
+++ b/po/fur.po
@@ -0,0 +1,315 @@
+# Friulian translation for gnome-mahjongg.
+# Copyright (C) 2015 gnome-mahjongg's COPYRIGHT HOLDER
+# This file is distributed under the same license as the gnome-mahjongg package.
+# Fabio Tomat <f t public gmail com>, 2015.
+msgid ""
+msgstr ""
+"Project-Id-Version: gnome-mahjongg master\n"
+"Report-Msgid-Bugs-To: http://bugzilla.gnome.org/enter_bug.cgi?product=gnome-";
+"POT-Creation-Date: 2015-10-27 21:15+0000\n"
+"PO-Revision-Date: 2015-10-28 15:14+0100\n"
+"Language-Team: Friulian <fur li org>\n"
+"Language: fur\n"
+"MIME-Version: 1.0\n"
+"Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8\n"
+"Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit\n"
+"Last-Translator: Fabio Tomat <f t public gmail com>\n"
+"X-Generator: Poedit 1.8.5\n"
+#: ../data/gnome-mahjongg.appdata.xml.in.h:1
+msgid "GNOME Mahjongg"
+msgstr "GNOME Mahjongg"
+#: ../data/gnome-mahjongg.appdata.xml.in.h:2
+msgid "Match tiles and clear the board"
+msgstr "Cumbine lis tessaris e nete la taule"
+#: ../data/gnome-mahjongg.appdata.xml.in.h:3
+msgid ""
+"A solitaire version of the classic Eastern tile game. Tiles are stacked on "
+"the board at the start of the game. The goal is to remove all the tiles in as "
+"little time as possible. Select two matching tiles and they will disappear "
+"from the board, but you can only select a tile if there is an empty space to "
+"its left or right at the same level. Be careful: tiles that look alike may "
+"actually be slightly different."
+msgstr ""
+"Une version dal classic zûc orientâl des tessaris. Al inizi dal zûc lis "
+"tessaris a son metudis in pile su la taule; l'obietîf al è di gjavâ dutis lis "
+"tessaris tal mancul timp pussibil. Selezion dôs tessaris che a si cumbinin e "
+"chestis a sparissin de taule, ma tu puedis selezionâ une tessare dome se al è "
+"un spazi libar te sô çampe o diestre dal stes nivel. Sta atent: tessaris che "
+"a semein compagnis a podaressin sedi in realtât diferentis."
+#: ../data/gnome-mahjongg.appdata.xml.in.h:4
+msgid ""
+"GNOME Mahjongg features a variety of starting layouts, some easy and some "
+"difficult. If you get stuck, you can ask for a hint, but this adds a large "
+"time penalty."
+msgstr ""
+"GNOME Mahjongg al inclût une varietât di schemis iniziâi, cualchidun facil e "
+"altris dificii. Se tu restis blocât tu puedis domandâ un aiût, ma chest al "
+"zonte une penalitât al timp."
+#: ../data/gnome-mahjongg.desktop.in.h:1 ../src/gnome-mahjongg.vala:629
+#: ../src/gnome-mahjongg.vala:814
+msgid "Mahjongg"
+msgstr "Mahjongg"
+#: ../data/gnome-mahjongg.desktop.in.h:2
+msgid "Disassemble a pile of tiles by removing matching pairs"
+msgstr "Smonte une tasse di tessaris gjavant lis cubiis che a si cumbinin"
+#: ../data/gnome-mahjongg.desktop.in.h:3
+msgid "game;strategy;puzzle;board;"
+msgstr "zûc;strategjie;berdei;taule;"
+#: ../data/org.gnome.mahjongg.gschema.xml.h:1
+msgid "Width of the window in pixels"
+msgstr "Largjece dal barcon in pixel"
+#: ../data/org.gnome.mahjongg.gschema.xml.h:2
+msgid "Height of the window in pixels"
+msgstr "Altece dal barcon in pixel"
+#: ../data/org.gnome.mahjongg.gschema.xml.h:3
+msgid "true if the window is maximized"
+msgstr "VÊR se il barcon al è slargjât"
+#. * Translatable strings file generated by get_titles.pl.
+#. * Add this file to your project's POTFILES.in.
+#. * DO NOT compile it as part of your application.
+#: ../data/translatable_game_names.h:6
+msgctxt "mahjongg map name"
+msgid "Easy"
+msgstr "Facile"
+#: ../data/translatable_game_names.h:7
+msgctxt "mahjongg map name"
+msgid "The Ziggurat"
+msgstr "La Ziggurat"
+#: ../data/translatable_game_names.h:8
+msgctxt "mahjongg map name"
+msgid "Four Bridges"
+msgstr "Cuatri puints"
+#: ../data/translatable_game_names.h:9
+msgctxt "mahjongg map name"
+msgid "Cloud"
+msgstr "Nûl"
+#: ../data/translatable_game_names.h:10
+msgctxt "mahjongg map name"
+msgid "Tic-Tac-Toe"
+msgstr "Tris"
+#: ../data/translatable_game_names.h:11
+msgctxt "mahjongg map name"
+msgid "Red Dragon"
+msgstr "Dragon ros"
+#: ../data/translatable_game_names.h:12
+msgctxt "mahjongg map name"
+msgid "Overpass"
+msgstr "Passe a"
+#: ../data/translatable_game_names.h:13
+msgctxt "mahjongg map name"
+msgid "Pyramid's Walls"
+msgstr "Mûrs de piramide"
+#: ../data/translatable_game_names.h:14
+msgctxt "mahjongg map name"
+msgid "Confounding Cross"
+msgstr "Crôs confusionade"
+#: ../data/translatable_game_names.h:15
+msgctxt "mahjongg map name"
+msgid "Difficult"
+msgstr "Dificil"
+#: ../src/game-view.vala:132
+msgid "Paused"
+msgstr "In pause"
+#: ../src/gnome-mahjongg.vala:34
+msgid "Print release version and exit"
+msgstr "Stampe la version e jes"
+#: ../src/gnome-mahjongg.vala:94
+msgid "Moves Left:"
+msgstr "Mossis che a restin:"
+#: ../src/gnome-mahjongg.vala:120
+msgid "Undo your last move"
+msgstr "Anule le tô ultime mosse"
+#: ../src/gnome-mahjongg.vala:126
+msgid "Redo your last move"
+msgstr "Ripet la tô ultime mosse"
+#: ../src/gnome-mahjongg.vala:132
+msgid "Receive a hint for your next move"
+msgstr "Ricêf un aiût pe tô prossime mosse"
+#: ../src/gnome-mahjongg.vala:137 ../src/gnome-mahjongg.vala:659
+msgid "Pause the game"
+msgstr "Met la partide in pause"
+#: ../src/gnome-mahjongg.vala:156
+msgid "_Mahjongg"
+msgstr "_Mahjongg"
+#: ../src/gnome-mahjongg.vala:157 ../src/menu.ui.h:1
+msgid "_New Game"
+msgstr "_Gnove partide"
+#: ../src/gnome-mahjongg.vala:158 ../src/menu.ui.h:2
+msgid "_Restart Game"
+msgstr "_Torne tache partide"
+#: ../src/gnome-mahjongg.vala:159 ../src/menu.ui.h:3
+msgid "_Scores"
+msgstr "_Risultâts"
+#: ../src/gnome-mahjongg.vala:160 ../src/menu.ui.h:4
+msgid "_Preferences"
+msgstr "_Preferencis"
+#: ../src/gnome-mahjongg.vala:161 ../src/menu.ui.h:7
+#: ../src/score-dialog.vala:28
+msgid "_Quit"
+msgstr "_Jes"
+#: ../src/gnome-mahjongg.vala:163 ../src/menu.ui.h:5
+msgid "_Help"
+msgstr "_Jutori"
+#: ../src/gnome-mahjongg.vala:164
+msgid "_Contents"
+msgstr "_Contignûts"
+#: ../src/gnome-mahjongg.vala:165 ../src/menu.ui.h:6
+msgid "_About"
+msgstr "_Informazions"
+#: ../src/gnome-mahjongg.vala:314
+msgid "Do you want to start a new game with this map?"
+msgstr "Vûstu tacâ une gnove partide cun cheste disposizion?"
+#: ../src/gnome-mahjongg.vala:315
+msgid "If you continue playing the next game will use the new map."
+msgstr ""
+"Se tu continuis a zuiâ, la prossime partide a doprarà la gnove disposizion."
+#: ../src/gnome-mahjongg.vala:316
+msgid "_Continue playing"
+msgstr "_Continue a zuiâ"
+#: ../src/gnome-mahjongg.vala:317
+msgid "Use _new map"
+msgstr "Dopre la _gnove disposizion"
+#: ../src/gnome-mahjongg.vala:385
+msgid "There are no more moves."
+msgstr "No restin plui mossis."
+#: ../src/gnome-mahjongg.vala:386
+msgid ""
+"Each puzzle has at least one solution.  You can undo your moves and try and "
+"find the solution, restart this game, or start a new one."
+msgstr ""
+"Ogni berdei al à almancul une soluzion. Tu puedis anulâ lis tôs mossis e cirî "
+"di cjatâ une soluzion, tornâ a començâ la partide o tacâ une gnove."
+#: ../src/gnome-mahjongg.vala:388
+msgid ""
+"You can also try to reshuffle the game, but this does not guarantee a "
+msgstr ""
+"Tu puedis ancje provâ a tornâ a messedâ lis tessaris, ma chest nol garantìs "
+"simpri une soluzion."
+#: ../src/gnome-mahjongg.vala:389
+msgid "_Undo"
+msgstr "A_nule mosse"
+#: ../src/gnome-mahjongg.vala:390
+msgid "_Restart"
+msgstr "_Torne tache"
+#: ../src/gnome-mahjongg.vala:391
+msgid "_New game"
+msgstr "_Gnove partide"
+#: ../src/gnome-mahjongg.vala:392
+msgid "_Shuffle"
+msgstr "_Messede"
+#: ../src/gnome-mahjongg.vala:444
+msgid "Preferences"
+msgstr "Preferencis"
+#: ../src/gnome-mahjongg.vala:460
+msgid "_Theme:"
+msgstr "_Teme:"
+#: ../src/gnome-mahjongg.vala:488
+msgid "_Layout:"
+msgstr "_Disposizion:"
+#: ../src/gnome-mahjongg.vala:514
+msgid "_Background color:"
+msgstr "Colôr di _sfont:"
+#: ../src/gnome-mahjongg.vala:528
+msgid "_Close"
+msgstr "_Siere"
+#: ../src/gnome-mahjongg.vala:595
+msgid "Main game:"
+msgstr "Zûc principâl:"
+#: ../src/gnome-mahjongg.vala:604
+msgid "Maps:"
+msgstr "Disposizions:"
+#: ../src/gnome-mahjongg.vala:612
+msgid "Tiles:"
+msgstr "Tessaris:"
+#: ../src/gnome-mahjongg.vala:632
+msgid "A matching game played with Mahjongg tiles"
+msgstr "Un zûc di imbinaments cun lis tessaris Mahjongg"
+#: ../src/gnome-mahjongg.vala:638
+msgid "translator-credits"
+msgstr "Fabio Tomat <f t public gmail com>"
+#: ../src/gnome-mahjongg.vala:654
+msgid "Unpause the game"
+msgstr "Jes de pause"
+#: ../src/score-dialog.vala:29
+msgid "New Game"
+msgstr "Gnove partide"
+#: ../src/score-dialog.vala:32
+msgid "OK"
+msgstr "OK"
+#: ../src/score-dialog.vala:44
+msgid "Layout:"
+msgstr "Disposizion:"
+#: ../src/score-dialog.vala:69
+msgid "Date"
+msgstr "Date"
+#: ../src/score-dialog.vala:72
+msgid "Time"
+msgstr "Timp"

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