[pygobject] Created tag 3.18.1

The signed tag '3.18.1' was created.

Tagger: Christoph Reiter <creiter src gnome org>
Date: Sat Oct 24 12:05:38 2015 +0200

    release 3.18.1

Changes since the last tag '3.18.0':

Christoph Reiter (4):
      Don't emit require_version warning if namespace was loaded previously using g_irepository_require
      pep8: ignore new errors reported by pep8 1.6
      Fix Gdk.rectangle_intersect/rectangle_union missing with GTK+ 3.18
      release 3.18.1

Garrett Regier (1):
      configure.ac: post release version bump to 3.18.1

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