[gst-debugger] Created tag 0.90.0

The unsigned tag '0.90.0' was created.

Tagger: Marcin Kolny <marcin kolny gmail com>
Date: Wed Oct 7 11:24:52 2015 +0200

    Release 0.90.0

Changes since the last tag '0.2.0':

Marcin Kolny (29):
      refactor: part 1
      refactor: send klass definition
      refactor: restore properties module
      refactor: restore enum and flags gvalue
      refactor: display default property value in klass dialog
      refactor: minors
      refactor: restore buffer module
      refactor: remove unused application
      refactor: "common" library review
      refactor: restore buffer dialog
      refactor: remove filter function
      gst-debugger: allow to clear main model
      gst-debugger: print if buffer hook requires data
      refactor s/watch/hook/
      refactor: hooks refactoring
      refactor: hook request handler refactor
      debugserver: lock mutex on modifying clients hash table
      gst-debugger: use combobox for setting debuglevel instead of gtkentry
      refactor: fix some segfaults
      gst-debugger: minors in gui
      gst-debugger: further gui improvements
      refactor: restored pad dynamic info
      gst-debugger: remove all data on disconnecting
      debugserver: send structure for queries and events
      gst-debugger: use gvaluebase for deserializing values in "details" module
      gst-debugger: fix removing query hook
      debugeserver: fix sending queries
      gst-debugger: add missing files to build
      Release 0.90.0

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