[gnome-sudoku] Created tag GNOME_SUDOKU_3_8_2

The signed tag 'GNOME_SUDOKU_3_8_2' was created.

Tagger: Michael Catanzaro <mcatanzaro gnome org>
Date: Sun Jun 29 16:13:17 2014 -0500

    GNOME Sudoku 3.8.2

Changes since the last tag 'GNOME_SUDOKU_3_8_1':

Andika Triwidada (1):
      Updated Indonesian translation

Balázs Úr (1):
      Updated Hungarian translation

Dimitris Spingos (1):
      Updated Greek translation

Lasse Liehu (1):
      Finnish translation update

Mario Wenzel (1):
      Remove epilepsy hazzard with minimal changes

Michael Biebl (1):
      Use correct name for always-show-hints GSettings key

Michael Catanzaro (6):
      help: update translate link for new module name
      Don't distribute symbolic icon
      Do not update hints if grid is null
      Kind of fix translations
      Fix exception when starting new game
      Prepare 3.8.2

Wylmer Wang (1):
      Updated Chinese (China) translation

Yanko Kaneti (1):
      Fix NumberBox events configuration with latest pygobject

Yuri Myasoedov (1):
      Updated Russian translation

gQuigs gMail com (1):
      check for none in set_value

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