[gnome-sudoku] Created tag 3.10.3

The signed tag '3.10.3' was created.

Tagger: Michael Catanzaro <mcatanzaro gnome org>
Date: Sun Jun 29 16:10:05 2014 -0500

    GNOME Sudoku 3.10.3

Changes since the last tag '3.10.2':

Balázs Úr (1):
      Updated Hungarian translation

Mario Wenzel (1):
      Remove epilepsy hazzard with minimal changes

Michael Catanzaro (4):
      Do not update hints if grid is null
      Kind of fix translations
      Fix exception when starting new game
      Prepare 3.10.3

Wylmer Wang (1):
      Update Chinese simplified translation

gQuigs gMail com (1):
      check for none in set_value

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