[gjs] Created tag GJS_1_35_4

The unsigned tag 'GJS_1_35_4' was created.

Tagger: Colin Walters <walters verbum org>
Date: Tue Jan 15 10:29:22 2013 -0500

    Tag 1_35_4

Changes since the last tag 'GJS_1_35_3':

Colin Walters (1):
      build: If cairo isn't found, don't build the tests with it

Cosimo Cecchi (1):
      byteArray: fix a GCC warning

Giovanni Campagna (7):
      object: stop checking for a number of impossible conditions
      object: use g_signal_connect_closure_by_id
      object: typecheck the object passed to _init
      object: remove support for multiple JSRuntimes
      object: consolidate code to resolve methods without introspection
      Remove obsolete handling of binary data and move to CStringsAreUTF8
      Remove all calls to g_utf8_to_utf16

Jasper St. Pierre (27):
      Gio: Don't eat errors when calling reply functions
      interface: Fix a bad jsval compare
      tests: Fix a few bad jsval compares
      tests: Don't use deprecated/removed API
      tests: Update for new strict mode semantics
      context: Don't use a static mutex
      Remove standalone DBus module wrappers
      system: Remove getuid/getgid/getpid
      Reverting "Remove obsolete TRACE_MARK API"
      function: Add BeginRequest/EndRequest for JS_ValueRoot
      gi: Use raw JS_GetPrivate from tracing callbacks
      util: Add BeginRequest/EndRequest back to priv_from_js
      Make sure that all calls to BOOLEAN_TO_JSVAL pass a true boolean
      configure: Move useless echo lines
      jsapi-util: Rewrite argument counting logic
      jsapi-util: Add a maybe prefix flag for gjs_parse_args
      context: Don't allow users to pass external runtimes to GjsContext
      Remove support for multiple contexts within a runtime
      context: Remove RuntimeData and gjs_runtime_init/gjs_runtime_destroy
      context: Only call JS_SetCStringsAreUTF8() once
      unit-test-utils: Use a standard gjs context
      test: Refactor the unit test framework
      context: Fix initialization code
      byteArray: Remove prototype checks from func implementations
      byteArray: Do not use JSCLASS_NEW_RESOLVE_GETS_START
      byteArray: Clean up resolve op
      cairo-context: Add an explicit CairoContext.$dispose() function

Rico Tzschichholz (4):
      Use unsigned instead of uintN
      Use guint32 instead of jsuint
      tests: Fix make dist
      Bump to 1.35.4

Rui Matos (1):
      object: Force signal detail quark creation on signal connections

Saleem Abdulrasool (1):
      build: add missed distfile

Tim Lunn (4):
      Remove obsolete TRACE_MARK API
      Some simple build fixes
      Don't use deprecated types
      remove unused and obsolete flag.

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