[evolution-data-server] (9 commits) Created branch openismus-work-master

The branch 'openismus-work-master' was created.

Summary of new commits:

  394da37... EBookClient, EDataBook: Added direct access APIs
  6c8a643... EBookBackendFile: Implement the new backend methods for dir
  7cbcb57... Add support for direct access queries in book views
  61c553d... e-test-server-utils.c: Conditionally use direct access to a
  4efe452... Adding test that fires up multiple EBookClientViews
  c11ccca... EBookBackendSqliteDB: Remodeled concurrent access.
  2ca34ab... test-server-utils: Updated to use new apis for opening book
  0adbdef... Migrate to using generate D-Bus apis.
  3463faa... Readjust patch for EBookClient

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