[gnome-packagekit/gnome-3-4] Fix typo in Dutch translation

commit e145ec0bae493ac471b2d24e95d1d84cfb65158a
Author: Wouter Bolsterlee <uws xs4all nl>
Date:   Tue Feb 12 21:11:19 2013 +0100

    Fix typo in Dutch translation

 po/nl.po |    4 ++--
 1 files changed, 2 insertions(+), 2 deletions(-)
diff --git a/po/nl.po b/po/nl.po
index db16e70..527bbb2 100644
--- a/po/nl.po
+++ b/po/nl.po
@@ -1026,8 +1026,8 @@ msgstr[1] "Installeren van bestanden is mislukt"
 #: ../src/gpk-dbus-task.c:701
 msgid "Do you want to install this file?"
 msgid_plural "Do you want to install these files?"
-msgstr[0] "WWilt u dit extra softwaredepot installeren?"
-msgstr[1] ""
+msgstr[0] "Wilt u dit bestand installeren?"
+msgstr[1] "Wilt u deze bestanden installeren?"
 #. TRANSLATORS: title: installing a local file
 #: ../src/gpk-dbus-task.c:1025

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