[tasque] Created tag TASQUE_0_1_10a

The unsigned tag 'TASQUE_0_1_10a' was created.

Tagger: Antonius Riha <antoniusriha gmail com>
Date: Wed Aug 29 23:50:24 2012 +0200

    Tagging the 0.1.10 release.

Changes since the last tag 'TASQUE_0_1_10':

Antonius Riha (5):
      Bump version to 0.1.11
      Revert "Bump version to 0.1.11"
      Revert "Update NEWS for 0.1.10"
      [build] Warn instead of fail if appindicator is not available.
      Update NEWS for 0.1.10 (again)

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