[gobject-introspection] Created tag GOBJECT_INTROSPECTION_1_33_9

The unsigned tag 'GOBJECT_INTROSPECTION_1_33_9' was created.

Tagger: Colin Walters <walters verbum org>
Date: Mon Aug 20 12:40:49 2012 -0400

    Tag 1_33_9

Changes since the last tag 'GOBJECT_INTROSPECTION_1_33_4':

Alban Browaeys (3):
      giscanner: special case G_GINT64_CONSTANT and G_GUINT64_CONSTANT + misc
      scanner: handle unsigned properly for type of defined size
      Test typedef in #define

Colin Walters (8):
      gimarshallingtests: Squash compiler warning
      Regress: Update expected gir for previous changes
      tests: Fix coding style and compiler warning in regress
      Revert "Implement "rename to" annotation for records"
      build: Ensure cairo-gobject always ends up in cairo.gir
      Makefile.introspection: Add gir dependency to example
      Update annotations from glib git
      Release 1.33.9

Jasper St. Pierre (2):
      regress: Fix regress_test_versioning
      regress: Use G_DEFINE_INTERFACE

Jon Nordby (3):
      Add test for "rename to" annotation for records
      Implement "rename to" annotation for records
      tests: Fix comment about expected result

Martin Pitt (1):
      gimarshallingtests: More useful assertions

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