[gtk+/quartz-integration] (10 commits) ...Merge branch 'master' into quartz-integration

Summary of changes:

  e731caf... Revert "gtkbox: Invalidate order on changes, even if the ch (*)
  ef153a5... box: follow children visibility when building the sibling p (*)
  301c120... toolbar: nth-child support for GtkToolbar (*)
  e2a2da2... Test box and toolbar regions in parallel (*)
  9417017... toolbar: invalidate order when an item visibility changes (*)
  34d85f0... toolbar: don't count invisible widgets when building the si (*)
  668790d... toolbar: don't leak the sibling path (*)
  246a7ec... box: Remove cache for sibling paths (*)
  ba76f54... reftests: Add test for box brokenness (*)
  b3a1533... Merge branch 'master' into quartz-integration

(*) This commit already existed in another branch; no separate mail sent

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