[meld] Clean up About dialog

commit 5534738354a7f746fb91251eeb9dd3c6e92a210d
Author: Kai Willadsen <kai willadsen gmail com>
Date:   Thu Oct 14 08:57:28 2010 +1000

    Clean up About dialog
    Update copyright information, credit our application icon artist, and
    remove somewhat-outdated translator credits in favour of the
    "translator-credits" string.

 data/ui/meldapp.ui |   18 +++++-------------
 1 files changed, 5 insertions(+), 13 deletions(-)
diff --git a/data/ui/meldapp.ui b/data/ui/meldapp.ui
index 643b2d4..0aeb6b1 100644
--- a/data/ui/meldapp.ui
+++ b/data/ui/meldapp.ui
@@ -74,25 +74,17 @@
     <property name="logo-icon-name">meld</property>
     <property name="program-name">Meld</property>
     <property name="type_hint">GDK_WINDOW_TYPE_HINT_DIALOG</property>
-    <property name="copyright" translatable="yes">Copyright &#xA9; 2002-2009 Stephen Kennedy</property>
+    <property name="copyright" translatable="yes">Copyright &#xA9; 2002-2009 Stephen Kennedy
+Copyright &#xA9; 2009-2010 Kai Willadsen</property>
     <property name="website">http://meld.sourceforge.net/</property>
     <property name="authors">Stephen Kennedy &lt;meld-list gnome org&gt;
 With help from:
 See changelog for individual credits.
-    <property name="artists">GNOME Project</property>
-    <property name="translator-credits">Beno&#xEE;t Dejean (fr)
-Takeshi Aihana (ja)
-Dongsu Jang (ko)
-Danilo &#x160;egan (sr)
-Duarte Loreto (pt)
-Miloslav Trmac (cs)
-Vincent van Adrighem (nl)
-Changwoo Ryu (ko)
-Beno&#xEE;t Dejean (fr)
-Gareth Owen (en_GB)
-Adam Weinberger (en_CA)</property>
+    <property name="artists">GNOME Project
+Josef Vybíral</property>
+    <property name="translator-credits" translatable="yes">translator-credits</property>
   <object class="GtkDialog" id="newdialog">
     <property name="visible">True</property>

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