[Bug 763958] New: Doubt on string "Active discarding first port"

Bug ID 763958
Summary Doubt on string "Active discarding first port"
Classification Other
Product chronojump
Version unspecified
OS All
Status NEW
Severity normal
Priority Normal
Component chronojump
Assignee xaviblas@cvs.gnome.org
Reporter rafaelff@gnome.org
QA Contact xaviblas@cvs.gnome.org
GNOME version ---

While translating ChronoJump, I was unable to understand the meaning of the
string "Active discarding first port" (from source files
<rootdir>/glade/chronojump.glade.h:44 and

Is it an action like "Activate discarding first port"? Is it a state "active"
of an option "first port discarding"? Is a type of "active discarding",
opposite of "passive discarding", of "first port"?

I kindly ask for information on this string.

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