[Bug 776617] Mark some strings as translatable

Xavier de Blas changed bug 776617
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Comment # 1 on bug 776617 from Xavier de Blas
I actually have fixed the glade strings using part of your code (thanks), but
not in all strings.


The problem with untranslated strings is:
Sometimes we code, we upload to git but we are unsure on the final name of the
label. We don't mark as translatable because maybe we will change the label in
the near future.

But then time passes and we forgot to make them translatable. We just notice
soon to release. And release will be soon :)

These strings: 
- graph and maybe table
- encoder inertial instructions
were never shown because they are notebook tabs in a notebook were tabs are not
shown. Names are helpful for us to work with glade. I marked now as invisible
to be more strict

Read RFID is not shown because it's related to future code.

The .cs files I will fix them in the following days.

Thanks again!

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