[Bug 776617] New: Mark some strings as translatable

Bug ID 776617
Summary Mark some strings as translatable
Classification Other
Product chronojump
Version 1.6.x
OS Linux
Status NEW
Severity normal
Priority Normal
Component chronojump
Assignee xaviblas@cvs.gnome.org
Reporter rafaelff@gnome.org
QA Contact xaviblas@cvs.gnome.org
GNOME version ---

Created attachment 342627 [details] [review]
DIFF file marking strings as translatable

Some strings are displayed in the GUI and are not marked as translatable.
Therefore, currently not all GUI can be translated.

Since I don't have access to the all dropdown menus, etc. as I don't have the
required hardware, some other strings (not listed below) may also be candidate
for translation.

Here are some strings I was able to notice in the GUI, and i was able to
provide a solution in the Glade files (see attachment):

- Send error log
- Check last version
- Tests have 1 flight phase
- Tests have >1 flight phase
- Resistance is gravity
- Resistance is intertia
- Tests have 1 lap
- Tests have >1 lap
- Discriminative
- Animation lights
- Flicker
- Jumps profile
- All the definitions are related to jumps.
- Documents
- Show graph
- Show table

Now the strings from .cs files, that was NOT able to provide a solution:

x See all jumps
x See all races
x Runs, sprint
x Runs, middle-distance
x Runs, long-distance
x -1:Undefined
x 0:Sedentary/Occasional pratice
x 1:Regular pratice
x 2:Competition
x 3:Elite
x Close Window
x Ping sent
x byLaps
x Lines
x Success! Done (times) times, Elapsed (sw.ElapsedMilliseconds) ms

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