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  Muy buena idea. Los jueces agradecerán el saber que han acertado con
la decisión de dar el primer premio :-)  Ahora pueden saber todo lo que
se ha conseguido con ese premio y todo lo que ha avanzado el proyecto.

Saludos, Juan

El jue, 07-02-2008 a las 16:51 +0100, Xavi de Blas escribió:
> ENGLISH: I forward the email sent today to the education jury at
> "Trophées du Libre" where Chronojump was first.
> ESPAÑOL: Reenvío a la lista el correo enviado hoy a los miembros del
> jurado de los Trophées du Libre que concedieron a Chronojump el 1er
> puesto en educación
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> From: Xavi de Blas <xaviblas gmail com>
> Date: 07/02/2008 16:47
> Subject: Chronojump great news after Trophées du Libre
> To: ************
> Hello Jean-pierre, Björn, Wolfgang and Valérie
> Since the Trophées lots of good things happened. In my opinion, these
> thinks influenced:
> *Previous to Trophées:
> Fixing lots of things for being a presentable project
> *During Trophées:
> relationship with lots of people, conversations, energy, ideas, ...
> *Past Trophées:
> -lots of sports people area are sure now that Chronojump is a solid
> and really interesting project.
> -motivation of developers and collaborators grown up
> -money helped a lot
> First thing we have done (and most important) is pay a big part of the
> money received to a guy who made the Chronopic3 based in previous
> Chronopics
> Now, Chronopic3 prototype is done, and we are in relationship with
> tech industries for the release of the first 200 units. I have solt
> the laptop and this will help to pay a part of the 200 units.
> Here you have the photos of the Chronopic3:
> Technical page (currently spanish)
> Friki page:
> Also notice that we made a box with methacrylate that looks
> professional and cost 1 euro :)
> Second thing, we are organising a chronojump-day with conferences and
> workshops. It will be on the north of barcelona, and students of the
> four catalan sports universities will be there. Also there will be
> teachers of these 4 universities and conferences will talk about:
> -the project
> -the bibliography of the jump measurement
> -using, help with the software
> -tests execution
> -the interpretation of the data
> -...
> This will be done in mid-april
> Third thing WE (i can say more "we", because this 2008 there's lots of
> people around the project) are preparing some documents for two
> "contests" between universities (sorry i don't know the name). The
> first contest it's rewarded with 12.000 euros that have to be used on
> people who will work in the project. This contest is related on
> improving education in universities, and this will be done with
> Chronojump, of course. Around 10 teachers of different universities
> will be involved. I cannot tell you de details now, because i will
> resend this email to the public chronojump-devel-list (hiding your
> emails). In two months we hope to give you again the details of the
> project and the thanks again for your support.
> The second "university-contest" it's related to sports area, and it's
> lot more rewarded. We have not more info yet, but we know that we will
> try to reach it.
> Fourth thing: new Chronojump release (0.62) was published after the
> Trophées, and now i have lot more code prepared for a new relase this
> month. It will be the release that comes together with Chronopic3.
> Fifth: Website first page was changed as you all pointed. Now, you can
> select between Trophées presentation or Chronojump traditional site.
> Also we are working on spanish/portuguese translatations of France's
> presentation:
> Thanks again for your support, i know you are glad to know these news!!
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