ENGLISH: I forward the email sent today to the education jury at
"Trophées du Libre" where Chronojump was first.

ESPAÑOL: Reenvío a la lista el correo enviado hoy a los miembros del
jurado de los Trophées du Libre que concedieron a Chronojump el 1er
puesto en educación

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From: Xavi de Blas <xaviblas gmail com>
Date: 07/02/2008 16:47
Subject: Chronojump great news after Trophées du Libre
To: ************

Hello Jean-pierre, Björn, Wolfgang and Valérie

Since the Trophées lots of good things happened. In my opinion, these
thinks influenced:

*Previous to Trophées:
Fixing lots of things for being a presentable project

*During Trophées:
relationship with lots of people, conversations, energy, ideas, ...

*Past Trophées:
-lots of sports people area are sure now that Chronojump is a solid
and really interesting project.
-motivation of developers and collaborators grown up
-money helped a lot

First thing we have done (and most important) is pay a big part of the
money received to a guy who made the Chronopic3 based in previous

Now, Chronopic3 prototype is done, and we are in relationship with
tech industries for the release of the first 200 units. I have solt
the laptop and this will help to pay a part of the 200 units.

Here you have the photos of the Chronopic3:

Technical page (currently spanish)

Friki page:

Also notice that we made a box with methacrylate that looks
professional and cost 1 euro :)

Second thing, we are organising a chronojump-day with conferences and
workshops. It will be on the north of barcelona, and students of the
four catalan sports universities will be there. Also there will be
teachers of these 4 universities and conferences will talk about:
-the project
-the bibliography of the jump measurement
-using, help with the software
-tests execution
-the interpretation of the data

This will be done in mid-april

Third thing WE (i can say more "we", because this 2008 there's lots of
people around the project) are preparing some documents for two
"contests" between universities (sorry i don't know the name). The
first contest it's rewarded with 12.000 euros that have to be used on
people who will work in the project. This contest is related on
improving education in universities, and this will be done with
Chronojump, of course. Around 10 teachers of different universities
will be involved. I cannot tell you de details now, because i will
resend this email to the public chronojump-devel-list (hiding your
emails). In two months we hope to give you again the details of the
project and the thanks again for your support.

The second "university-contest" it's related to sports area, and it's
lot more rewarded. We have not more info yet, but we know that we will
try to reach it.

Fourth thing: new Chronojump release (0.62) was published after the
Trophées, and now i have lot more code prepared for a new relase this
month. It will be the release that comes together with Chronopic3.

Fifth: Website first page was changed as you all pointed. Now, you can
select between Trophées presentation or Chronojump traditional site.
Also we are working on spanish/portuguese translatations of France's


Thanks again for your support, i know you are glad to know these news!!

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