Re: Glossary for translators


  Just a comment about the terminology. I prefer to use "Open hardware"
instead of "Free hardware". The later sounds like you can get the
hardware for free, and it is not true. You should spend some money on
buying the electronic components.

  The former, "Open hardware", tells you that you have the freedom to
use, study, modify and distribute the modifications of the hardware. 

  In Spanish there is no problem, as we have two different words:
"libre" and "gratis" for the ideas of "freedom" and "free".

El vie, 06-10-2006 a las 11:19 +0200, Xavi de Blas escribió:
> We created a Glossary for helping the translators (Gnome Translators
> Project) on the translation of the software, with the purpose on
> understanding the technical sports concepts. We want to release
> Chronojump 0.5 on October 20 in as much languages as possible.
> Here is the glossary (click on "Download")
> And here is the Translators petition:
> Regards
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Juan Gonzalez Gomez
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