Re: Fixed important thread-gui bug in events executing


  Congratulations!!! These are very good news!!! :-)

Best regards, Juan

El lun, 02-10-2006 a las 22:01 +0200, Xavi de Blas escribió:
> Hello all
> There was an annonying bug in Chronojump (since some months ago) on
> the event execution. This bug appears randomly and in some machines
> doesn't appear (it seems it depends on the system memory).
> With the help of Juanfer as a tester, finally today i thought in don't
> allow the main thread call to "touch" gtk, and put a variable on
> "true" for "inviting" the GLib thread "touch" the GtK (progressBars
> and new graph).
> It worked on fedora, and on ubuntu on two different machines. With
> more than 500 test repetitions, it hasn't failed.
> It seems this will fix also the crashing of long reactive jumps on linux.
> As all the developeres know, fix threading bugs is really difficult,
> and is very satisfying when it's done :)
> now that this important bug is fixed, let's real-time graph all the
> events, and later freeze the code for the release.
> Greetings
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