Fixed important thread-gui bug in events executing

Hello all

There was an annonying bug in Chronojump (since some months ago) on
the event execution. This bug appears randomly and in some machines
doesn't appear (it seems it depends on the system memory).

With the help of Juanfer as a tester, finally today i thought in don't
allow the main thread call to "touch" gtk, and put a variable on
"true" for "inviting" the GLib thread "touch" the GtK (progressBars
and new graph).

It worked on fedora, and on ubuntu on two different machines. With
more than 500 test repetitions, it hasn't failed.

It seems this will fix also the crashing of long reactive jumps on linux.

As all the developeres know, fix threading bugs is really difficult,
and is very satisfying when it's done :)

now that this important bug is fixed, let's real-time graph all the
events, and later freeze the code for the release.


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