Re: Using Cheese as a Photobooth

Ho Oleksij, thanks for the reply,

have a look further down to see if this is what you were suggesting,

On Sat, 2012-05-26 at 08:46 +0200, Oleksij Rempel (fishor) wrote:
Hi Andrew,

Cheese provide all resolutions provided by webcam, not more or less.
I assume you webcam do not provide the resolution you need. It make for 
cheese no sense to add more of it, i hope you understand why.

If you any way use some script which make lost of work for you. You can 
add imagemagick to handle some conversations. The command will look like 
convert -resize 600x800 input.jpg output.jpg
convert -resize 50% input.jpg output.jpg

> Code:
> inotifywait -m -e close_write ~/Pictures/webcam --format "%w%f" | \
> while read filename; do imagemagick convert -resize "$filename" "$filename"; lpr -P HP "$filename"; mv
> "$filename" ~/Pictures/webcam/printed; done

> With this "instant print " capacity Cheese becomes a great party tool,
> with guests having only to pose and hit the space bar.
> Many thanks for your program, and I hope that this idea may get some
> attention in a future release.
> Yours faithfully
> Andrew Greig
> Melbourne, Australia
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