Re: Possible Cheese project?

On 20.09.2011 20:25, Heidi Ellis wrote:
> Hi Folks,
> As you may know, I’m a prof. at Western New England University. I’ve been
> working with the GNOME A11y community for a year now along with a variety of
> students. This fall I am teaching a Software Engineering course and we would
> like to contribute to a FOSS project as a part of that. 
> The GNOME A11y community identified a need for web camera magnification
> capabilities including support for high contrast B/W and blue/yellow. There
> is also a need for a “guideline” to keep position on a screen for text. I
> understand that there are currently efforts to integrate Camerabin into
> Cheese to support magnification. Could you provide some direction as to
> possible contributions for students to take on? is the contrast and
> guideline functionality reasonable?
> I have two teams, one of four students and one of three. We are just
> starting requirements so direction would be most helpful. Our semester ends
> the first week of December and so we’d like to have something that we could
> wrap up by then. We would also prefer not take on anything on a critical
> path. 
> And I took the kind advice of the community and found two Linux boxes and
> cameras for students to test (rather than try to use VirtualBox). 
> All thoughts are welcome!
> Thanks!
> Heidi

Hi Heidi,

i'm not cheese developer, but i'd like to put my two cents :)

Most of topics you asked should be easy to implement with gstreamer. If
you need  high contras B/W:
gst-launch-0.10 v4l2src ! videobalance saturation=0.0 contrast=2.0 !
ffmpegcolorspace ! autovideosink

You can change hue and saturation too. Zoom is possible with gstreamer
as well. But IMHO this things should be and can be done inside of webcam.

For some time i did small research about performance issue, and decided
to spent my time to fix it upstream, some bugs are fixed now. It will be
great if you will fix it for cheese as well. Here are my notices, they
may be useful for you:

To understand how it all works together i started to work on uvcvideo
driver. This driver need lots of work and currently many modern cameras
can do uvc. So i think it is really important for cheese as well if
uvcvideo works good. May be you can send one your teem to cheese and
other to uvc :) ?


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