Re: horizontal and vertical flip effects missing

imho the vertical and horizontal flip is not a real effect and that was
the reason why you can't find them in the gnome-video-effects package.
additionally we thought that if the webcam stream is mirrored somehow,
the place to fix this should be the webcam driver. fortunately, with the
3.x versions of cheese you can create your custom effects quite easily.
attached you can find the two effects you were looking for. just put
them under ~/.local/share/gnome-video-effects and you're done.

hope this helps!


On Fr, 2011-12-30 at 20:50 +0100, Robert Premuž wrote:
> Hi!
> I've been using cheese on Ubuntu since ver. 10.10.
> Ubuntu 11.04 contains cheese 2.32.0 which has the Horizontal Flip and
> Vertical Flip effects. The Horizontal Flip is very useful as it
> enables that you use a webcam as a mirror.
> But, after upgrade to Ubuntu 11.10 I found out that it contained
> cheese 3.* (currently 3.2.0) without the Horizontal Flip and Vertical
> Flip effects. Why were they removed from cheese?
> (A little bit of searching through the list archives at
> provided no answer to this question.)
> Please, bring these effects back to cheese (at least the horizontal
> flip). As it's a quite simple effect I guess it doesn't require a lot
> of work.
> (I'm not the only one with that wish -- see
> Cheese!
> -- rpr.
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Name=Horizontal Flip
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Name=Vertical Flip
Comment=Flips the video vertically
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