ANNOUNCE: Cheese 3.3.3 released

More improvements for developers, with a non-interactive test suite contributed by Google Code-In student Lucas Baudin, and new API for CheeseEffect properties by Raluca Elena Podiuc.

what is it?
Take photos and videos with your webcam, with fun graphical effects

what's changed in 3.3.3?
  - Pre-release version bump to 3.3.3
  - Do not dist non-existent gnome-doc-utils.make
    Fixes bug 666252.
  - Improve tests for libcheese-gtk
    Split the tests so that there is one per widget. Add CheeseFlash test.
  - Improve tests for CheeseFileUtil
    Add burst_reset test. Add photo and video path tests. Improve existing
    burst test.
  - Split tests for libcheese and libcheese-gtk
  - Add simple test suite, bug 663148
  - Add non-interactive test infrastructure
    This is just the Makefile changes, the test itself was written
  - Allocate CheeseVideoFormat with slices
  - Check for correct types in public API
    Use g_return_*_if_fail() to print critical warnings and return sensible
    values if the expected type was not supplied.
  - Add CheeseEffect accessors to VAPI file
  - Fix tag in help
  - Fix Latvian and Galician help translation
    The switch to yelp-tools for building the Mallard help uncovered a
    couple of invalid translations, due to incorrect closing tags.
  - Use yelp-tools to build help, not gnome-doc-utils
  - Simplify
  - Check for a valid effect in CheeseEffect
    Check that the effect passed to CheeseEffect functions is valid, and
    return NULL and print a critical warning otherwise.
  - Revert "effects: user ** in doc-comments to enable color highlighting"
    This reverts commit 27b6b05723376c3ea5bf178bed59dd973f302e0a.

    gtk-doc comments, started with the double-asterisk sequence, should only
    be used for public symbols.
  - effect: add cheese_effect_get_name and cheese_effect_get_pipeline_desc
    Adding getters to save an allocation.

    Requested in:
  - effects: user ** in doc-comments to enable color highlighting
  - libcheese: effects: don't print CRITICAL errors if directory doesn't exist
    Applications should use cheese_effect_load_effects to load the default
    set of effects.

    cheese_effect_load_effects() calls
    cheese_effect_load_effects_from_directory() with a list of predefined
    places to search for effects. Some of those directories may not exist.

    cheese_effect_load_effects_from_directory() shouldn't emit CRITICAL
    messages in this condition.
  - Replace all GtkBoxes by GtkGrids, bug 664428
  - Added/Updated Translations
    - es, courtesy of Daniel Mustieles
    - he, courtesy of Yaron Shahrabani
    - lv, courtesy of Rūdofls Mazurs
    - nb, courtesy of Kjartan Maraas
    - ru, courtesy of Yuri Myasoedov
    - sv, courtesy of Daniel Nylander
    - te, courtesy of Praveen Illa
    - th, courtesy of Akom Chotiphantawanon
    - zh_CN, courtesy of Wylmer Wang
  - Added/Updated Documentation
    - el, courtesy of Simos Xenitellis
    - es, courtesy of Daniel Mustieles
    - gl, courtesy of Leandro Regueiro
    - lv, courtesy of Rūdofls Mazurs
    - ru, courtesy of Yuri Myasoedov

where can i get it?
you can get it by pressing here!

what does it look like?
take a look here!

where can i find out more?
you can visit the project web site:


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