Cheese in KDE

Cheese is certainly the best linux webcam app around.  I prefer KDE to Gnome and currently run a KDE Sabayon system, using Cheese as my webcam application.  It works quite well, with only one nagging bother.  I cannot open a picture directly from Cheese by double-clicking it.  It feeds me an error message about not having nautilus installed.  It would be nice if there were some option to specify what program should be used to open photos.  I would love to be able to open photos with Gwenview directly from Cheese, without having to use a browser to navigate to the photo first.  The same thing happens when opening videos.  Cheese should defer to the system-specified program for opening photos and videos instead of trying to do it all fancy-like on its own, in my opinion.  At least, that should be an option.  If there is a temporary fix I can do that anyone knows of, it would be lovely to find out about it.
Thank you.

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