ANNOUNCE: gnome-video-effects 0.2.0 released

this release introduces some new gstreamer effects, as can be seen on
this screencast:

have fun with it!


what is it?
A collection of GStreamer effects to be used in different GNOME Modules. 

what's changed in 0.2.0?
  - make the historical effect black and white
  - decrease the time delay on the timedelay effect to 5 seconds
  - add new effects by filippo argiolas
    this commit introduces the new gstreamer effects, which can
    be found here:
  - install the pkgconfig file in $datadir, fixes bug #628502
  - add timedelay effect
  - Added/Updated Translations
    - bg, courtesy of Alexander Shopov
    - ca, courtesy of Jordi Estrada
    - ca valencia, courtesy of Gil Forcada
    - cs, courtesy of Marek Černocký
    - de, courtesy of Mario Blättermann
    - el, courtesy of Georgios Stefanakis
    - es, courtesy of Jorge González
    - fr, courtesy of Claude Paroz
    - he, courtesy of Yaron Shahrabani
    - pl, courtesy of Piotr Drąg
    - pt_BR, courtesy of Djavan Fagundes
    - ro, courtesy of Lucian Adrian Grijincu
    - sl, courtesy of Matej Urbančič
    - sr, courtesy of Милош Поповић
    - sr latin, courtesy of Miloš Popović
    - sv, courtesy of Daniel Nylander
  - Added/Updated Documentation

where can i get it?
you can get it by pressing here!

where can i find out more?
you can visit the project web site:

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