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For motion detection, try motion. Good tutorial on getting it started here: Note that, contrary to the tutorial, you do NOT (and probably should not) have to use "sudo."

Re: Cheese, you can already do time-lapse with Cheese. Configure Burst Mode to shoot one frame every [n] seconds. Then simply add those images into your video editor of choice to animate them.

Cheese already auto-saves.

For screen recording, hit Applications | Software Center and search for "Kazam."



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On Mon, Nov 29, 2010 at 4:35 AM, John Randall <m0els yahoo co uk> wrote:
HI all, Just started off in Ubuntu and would like to add a wish list if I may. The software has great potential for becoming a surveillance proggie. So my list is as follows.
1) Motion detection and auto save function
2) Slow motion and time lapse
3) Screen click recording

I use the logitech pro 9000 and the fusion webcams. I was in winvista etc, but lost all on hd crash, so got fed up and install ubuntu 10.10.
Its a great piece of work


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