Re: suggestion: GDM avatar creation


thanks for your thoughts! we are doing this already in the master branch
of cheese, which will come out as 2.30. However, it would be great if
you would step in and join our team! ;)



On Mi, 2009-12-23 at 21:11 +0000, Paulo Silva wrote:
> hi!
> recently i addeed this suggestion for Cheese at
> GDM avatar creation
> Cheese can be used from live-cd GNU/Linux installers for creating an
> avatar icon for GDM - as far, as seen from Ubuntu live-cd, and it
> calls gPartEd for managing partitions, it can call Cheese as well for
> creating an avatar icon, very in the way MacOS-X does - from Cheese,
> the application widget can be created from a specific command line for
> previewing what the webcam shows, and a button for creating the avatar
> icon. And of course, this application mode can be also an excellent
> feedback about if our webcam really works out of box, as OEM (like
> from Dell and System76 machines with Ubuntu OEM) or when installing
> Linux on our computer.
> i'm curious to know about your feedback and idea improvements about it
> thanks and cheers
> Paulo

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