Re: cheese brings a smile to my face

On So, 2008-03-09 at 20:01 -0400, Zenko Klapko Jr. wrote:
> Hi Daniel,
> Thank you for writing cheese. It's a simple and useful program. I'm
> looking over the source and perhaps you can provide me with a bit of
> wisdom. Well, two bits. I'm running ubuntu gusty and am able to see
> the webcam preview, able to save photos, but if I toggle to video mode
> X locks up.

that seems very strange to me.. we had such a bug a while ago, but that
was due a bug in the graphics driver.. what graphics card do you have?

>  I'd imagine I could ssh in, kill cheese, and it would snap
> back but I'd have to setup another computer. Do you know why it locks
> up on the switch to video mode? Also, I'm thinking about a project to
> combine video taken from a webcam with other data such as gps. Besides
> reading the source from cheese are there other resources you used to
> figure out how to grab frames? I spent a moment or two poking around
> and it looks like cheese doesn't talk directly to /dev/video0 but
> talks to gnome or gstreamer.

exactly, we are just using gstreamer to get the data from the device.

i forwarded your message to the cheese mailing list; lets discuss it


> Always learning,
> -Zenko
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