3 2 1 widget


I'm sorry to say it but I find the 3 2 1 widget  [1] that got added in
2.21.5 not really fitting in a GNOME application. I think it's the
colors and the design which don't make it blend in with the rest of
the GNOME desktop.

Is it just me or do other people also have this?

Furthermore it looks like more or less a copy of Apple's photobooth
and I think we should be able to do better :-). It's a bit lame but
I've not been able to come up with something that would look nicer,
but maybe somebody else has a good idea. (I might be able to code it
up :-) )


[1] http://home.cs.tum.edu/~siegel/2008/01/14/3.._2.._1.._blog_post!

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