LoopBack Feature?

Hello Cheese Developers and Users!

I found cheese while looking for a program to fix a problem with my
notebook webcam: It's image is upside down on Linux. Sure it should be
fixes on driver (uvc), but while this does not happen, i was looking for
a workaround. 

So I've tried vloopback, that would invert the webcam and create a new
virtual webcam loopback that I could use. But vloopback is v4l only, ive
got a v4l2 device... Then I found effectv, that has many effects, but
only works as loopback using vloopback, so v4l only too. 

Ive searched a lot, and found out this nice app, that among many other
effects, can do that what I need: flip the image, and is v4l2 compatible

But there is no loopback-like feature... So I would like to ask if they
are any plans to do somehting like that (and if not, leave this like a
strong suggestion... wouldn't it be nice to feed skype, amsn, kopete and
other software with nice effects on images? All M$ friends would be
jealous about it lol)

If not, I would be happy to try it out, Im a programmer (but not
experienced on C/CPP, but I want to try something on that languages this
sumer (brazilian summer, december-january))... I guess using the v4lsd
project I may manaje to make something out of this... anyone would like
to join?

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