Re: Timezone, zombie-calendars and few other things

- california uses UTC time zone, it does not respect system timezone,

That's technically not true.  California uses the system timezone whenever it creates events and the event's timezone when editing them.

I have noticed that Google Calendar will quite often convert a new event to UTC.  So far I've not found a rhyme or a reason for the conversion, it doesn't happen every time.  It's possible other calendar servers will have a similar behavior.

However, when I say it converts to UTC, I mean the system time is preserved, but the event is stored in UTC.  Ultimately, this should be invisible to you.  Is that not the case?

- I have many CalDAV calendars and I made mistake (typo) in one URL. The result was some zombie-caledar that prompts for password every time I start calendar. I couldn't see it anywhere, I had to use evolution to clean it up,

There's a calendar manager in California.  It's in the Application Menu ("Calendars").  There's also a Calendars button on the right side of the toolbar.  From there you can remove a calendar.

- california does not honour color of the calendar from CalDAV,

Do you mean the calendar's color is stored on the server?  What server/service are you using?

- every each calendar I have to configure manually. Under OSX it's possible to put one link and you have there all the calendars you use.

We have a ticket for that:

Calendar creation is also possible.

I assume you mean create a new calendar on a CalDAV server.  I've added that here:

- icon in tray and/or some applet?

Tray icons / applets are frowned upon by GNOME at the moment.  I will say that because California uses EDS, events it manages are available in the GNOME Shell calendar and Unity calendar applet.

- TODO lists support.

That's a possibility, but at the moment we're focused on calendar support.

-- Jim

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