Timezone, zombie-calendars and few other things


I started using calendar yesterday and it's first SIMPLE and simply working 
calendar app for linux with CalDAV support for Linux. Very good, so far.

Right now I use version 0.3.0 under PLD-Linux and with XFCE desktop. It works 
fine, but:
- california uses UTC time zone, it does not respect system timezone,
- I have many CalDAV calendars and I made mistake (typo) in one URL. The 
result was some zombie-caledar that prompts for password every time I start 
calendar. I couldn't see it anywhere, I had to use evolution to clean it up,

I have some suggestions and feature requests, too...
- california does not honour color of the calendar from CalDAV,
- every each calendar I have to configure manually. Under OSX it's possible to 
  put one link and you have there all the calendars you use. Calendar creation 
  is also possible.
- icon in tray and/or some applet?
- TODO lists support.

Even now it's best calendar app with CalDAV support for linux :)

For my everyday use I have BusyCal under OSX and it's perfect calendar app, 
IMO. Please, take a look:

pozdr.  Paweł Gołaszewski          jid:blues<at>jabber<dot>gda<dot>pl
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