Re: gnomecal/evolution vs gnome-pilot

On Thu, 9 Mar 2000, Erik Bågfors wrote:

> what happens if you move back and fourth between two different calenders
> (one at home and one at work for example) will a slow sync still happen?

Yes, as the pc's have (or at least should have) different SyncPCId's.

> deleted it was still in the database.  When the program looked in the
> databas and found it but didn't find it in the vcal-file it knew it was
> deleted.

Yes, this is basically the delete-purge scheme that would be preferred
(since I'd have to code less, and the evolution hackers more, and it'd
keep down the complexity). 

> I can't see how this can be to slow.. maybe it's a bad hack but I don't
> think so.  All you would have to do is create a small file with all the
> id's of the vcal-events and you are set to go.

Keeping it seperate won't be slow. The slowness was having base A on the
pilot, base B with deleted items on the PC, and having to traverse A,
comparing agains B to detect deleted items.


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