Re: my little bit of input

Back in November, Matthew Greenfield wrote:

> >  just wanted to say that gnomecal's default screen size is too big for my
> >  800x600 display so I can't use it.. 

Also in November, Federico responded:

> I will fix this soonish.  Basically the year view will live inside a
> scrolled window, and the initial size will let you see six months.

It's obvious this has been fixed, since gnomecal's main screen works
well even on my 640x480 laptop panel... but I did have to e-mail Federico
today and plead for a "new event" dialogue that fits on it!  With "OK" 
and the other buttons lurking somewhere off the bottom of my screen, 
it's real hard to add events. ;)


Dan Birchall, Haddonfield NJ.  Linux, NEC Versa 2000C, Cannondale
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