Re: Multiple users

On Sat, 28 Aug 1999, Miguel de Icaza wrote:
> > How much work is required to add multiple simultaneous user capability to
> > gnomecal and gnomecard? 
> It depends exactly on what you want to do.

What we want is:
Several people can have the calendar and address book programmes open,
displaying the same shared calendar and address book at once.
If somebody alters, adds, or deletes a record, all the other instances of
the cal/addr will notice within a few seconds and re-read the data.
The programmes should cope sensibly if the data changes from under them
(eg. if the user tries to delete a record which has already been deleted,
it will silently succeed).
The ability for the programmes to be running on different physical
machines without having to resort to NFS or SMB.
Eventually, the capability to only load records into memory as they are
needed rather than always keeping all of them in memory (not needed
straight away). At the same time, the ability would need to be added to
perform searches using SQL rather than simply searching through the
records in memory.

> Making GnomeCard use an SQL server should be relatively simple, 2-3
> days of hacking.

I think so too. I'm going to have a go at getting the basics in place

> Making GnomeCal be distributed is different.  Exactly what do you want
> to do in a database-centric fashion?

See above.

> > Somewhat offtopic: I just fixed a bug in gnomecard- who should I send the
> > patch to?
> This list is ok.

Attached. What it does is make Gnomecard allow you to use all 13 phone
number types specified in the Vcard specification, rather than just the
first 6 (I wanted to enter a mobile phone number and thought "why didn't
Vcard specify a mobile phone type?"- turns out it did, but Gnomecard
wasn't using them all).
Another bug I noticed, but didn't know how to fix, was that the horizontal
resizing of the Gnomecard window seems to be somewhat broken. By default
you can't see all of the list window, and if you resize it far enough that
you should be able to see it all, it just snaps back to where it was. If
you resize it only part of the way, it works.
A third bug I noticed, but didn't get around to fixing, is that Vcard
segfaults when it tries to parse entries like:

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