Re: Multiple users

> Several people can have the calendar and address book programmes open,
> displaying the same shared calendar and address book at once.
> If somebody alters, adds, or deletes a record, all the other instances of
> the cal/addr will notice within a few seconds and re-read the data.

Trivial to implement.  Basically, the file you want to look at is
gnome-pim/gncal/calendar.c, this one is the one who loads and parses
the calendar.

Instead of using a vCalendar file as the backing store, you can use a
database and each record can be a vEvent/vTodo (ie, in GnomeCal speak:
an iCalObj structure).

> Eventually, the capability to only load records into memory as they are
> needed rather than always keeping all of them in memory (not needed
> straight away). 

This might require some more magic.

You could go one step further: basically, the routine that populates a
day with events would just populate the range you have from the
database rather than populating it from the in-memory Calendar object.

> Attached. What it does is make Gnomecard allow you to use all 13 phone
> number types specified in the Vcard specification, rather than just the
> first 6 (I wanted to enter a mobile phone number and thought "why didn't
> Vcard specify a mobile phone type?"- turns out it did, but Gnomecard
> wasn't using them all).

The original implementation did support this, but it got dropped at
some point.

Note: we are going to be rewriting that in the short future (2-3
months from now).  Although we will be fully file-format compatible,
the GUI will be much better (that is the whole idea behind the


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