Re: [BuildStream] Summary: Workspace related DX features & design


On 14/09/18 04:17, Tristan Van Berkom wrote:

On Thu, 2018-09-13 at 12:38 +0100, Sander Striker via BuildStream-list wrote:

2. ============

- Default location to be set at user level, with the standard
levels of
provenance. Both the default directory & --directory at cli are
referring to the 'root' directory in which directories for workspaces
will be created, with each element's workspace named after the
respective elementname as subdirs.

-  Multiple workspaces:
  bst [project options] workspace open [open options] element1.bst
[workspacename] \
          --open [open options] element2.bst [workspace name] \
          --open [open options] element2.bst [workspace name] \

- [project options] = --directory pathto/project \

- [open options] = --directory  pathto/workspace \
                   --no-checkout \
                   -f --force \
                   --track \

- [workspace name] =  optional value to override the default behaviour
of naming workspaces as elementname

I don't think this is the consensus we reached.  My impression was that we ended with:

bst [project options] workspace open [--directory DIRECTORY] [open options] ELEMENT
bst [project options] workspace open [open options] ELEMENT [ELEMENT ...]


That is my recollection as well.

  * If you want elaborate options which differ for each workspace, then
    you need to open workspaces one by one.

  * You cannot use the `--directory` option at all if you are opening
    multiple workspaces in one go; multiple open requires a default
    workspace directory be configured.

  * When specifying the directory where the workspace will be created,
    the default (if set) is ignored entirely.


Thanks for the clarification here,

We tried to take those into account but also the earlier example you

Taking it all into account we were under the assumption that --directory
would be added as a new option to the already existing options for
'open', as well as the ability to have [open options] on a per element
basis if opening multiple at once. The third point is what matching what
we've expressed:

'The --directory option will be taken as the complete path to
the workspace and will override any relevant default paths'




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