Re: Agenda - Monthly IRC Team Meeting - Tuesday 6 Feb 2018

Hi Laurence,

Could we add a discussion about how the root-less unix platform should stage sources/dependencies to the agenda?

The first intuition was to use FUSE, but in light of #232 we will probably want some other solution.



On 31/01/18 09:55, Laurence Urhegyi wrote:
Hi all,

The monthly BuildStream team meeting is being held on irc next Tuesday at 14:00 UTC. See [1] for your local time.

The channel is #buildstream-meetings on GIMPNet.

Actions from previous meetings are included the agenda below but apart from that it's pretty sparse so please add. I suspect there may be some stuff to add after FOSDEM chats this weekend :)

# Agenda

1) Actions from last meeting:
* tristan Update HACKING.rst with feature acceptance policy - COMPLETE
* sstriker Send outline mail on distributed builds to buildstream-list - COMPLETE. * juergbi Work out new proposal for GPG signing - CARRY FORWARD -this isn't a massive priority right now and is thus in the backlog) * tristan - re the issues with our workflow when not storing exact source references (i.e. usually git commit shas): write up a proposal on list of how to address - COMPLETE

2) Any Other Business



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