Re: [BuildStream] Breaking change: changing '--force or fail' to y/n prompts

** Summary **

Thanks again for your time on this Tristan, I think we've reached a good point
for a summary. There's only one outstanding question for the
1.4 release I think.

## Breaking changes for 1.4 release

I will:

o Remove the auto-init functionality, replace with nice hints.
o Remove the unconditional "Are you sure?" prompts on workspace reset and close.
o Remove the prompt config section from buildstream.conf.
o Change all the commands with --force to prompt if it is not
specified and interactive.
  They will abort immediately if not forced and not interactive.
o Update NEWS and docs accordingly.

## Non-breaking changes post 1.4

If it turns out the prompts are getting in the way, later we will:

o Add '--safe', or '--no-force', or '--assume-*' cli options. Perfect
naming still pending.
o Add matching options to buildstream.conf.

## Remaining question for 1.4

It may turn out that we never need extra prompt config in
buildstream.conf, maybe
the prompts won't be annoying enough.

If that's the case then there seems little point in making changes to

Should we gamble that scheduler.on-error can stay as is,
at least until BuildStream 2000?

My vote is yes.


P.S. I still hope some fellow anti-prompters will speak up :o)

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