Re: Spec draft

                    في خ، 07-10-2010 عند 23:49 +0100 ، كتب Alberto Ruiz:
> Hello fellows,
> This is where I'm drafting the format specification:
> I need to add a few sections to specify how the different tools work
> (c,c++,vala)
> If anyone can come up with a better way to layout the specs, please
> feel free to try it out :-)
Well, I don't like it : it seems to be too terse and is barely
intelligible. If you want something terse, I'd prefer a "schema", but
the spec should be more verbose IMHO.

Some time ago, I tried to write a schema using Rx [1], you'll find it
attached along with a ruby script[2] for validating the project file.
It was written when we were still using JSON, so it doesn't correctly
specify types (e.g. booleans), and as such still fails on the sample
project.yaml. I'll fix it and commit it (if no one objects).


[2] I've used ruby because the python implementation of Rx isn't useful
for interactive use (doesn't report the path to the error).

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