Re: Spec draft

--- El lun, 11/10/10, Alberto Ruiz escribió:
> >> Good point, added
> >
> > The targets will certainly have a mandatory name,
> won't they?
> Sure, you can't have a target object in yaml if you don't
> name the
> property of the targets dictionary, this is implicit.

Ah, this is not clear in the spec. So, targets cannot have spaces in the name then, can they?.

> > The projects will also require waf tools (support for
> c++, python, ...)?
> Nope, the tools and the target types are not following waf
> naming
> convetions, the format will have their own and they will be
> mapped to
> any particular implementation. Eventually this need to be
> added to the
> docs.

What Waf naming conventions? :-)

How are you going to add such a mapping to a particular implementation? Will you allow extensions in Python, or will you force projects to use the latest buildj version?


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