Re: Candidates for buildbots

From: David Adam <zanchey ucc gu uwa edu au>

> We used to run a Solaris buildbot until the hardware failed; we have 
> resurrected it and I now have buildbots able to run on Debian/amd64, 
> FreeBSD/i386, and OpenSolaris/sun4u. If any of those are worth adding to 
> the build group we'd be keen to get involved again.

As one of the objetives is having several arquitectures running the
builds, I think that it is worth to have them.

So take a look to [1], and if you are still interested, configure a
slave. In order to test it locally it would be good to configure also
a master. In the moment you got a good rate of successful builds, it
would be really easy to connect them to master.

Thanks for your interest.



API (apinheiro igalia com)

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