Re: Build mailing list

On Thu, Dec 09, 2010 at 09:02:35PM +0100, Piñeiro wrote:
> If it can be solved with just a 1st line of the body with the project
> name, this should be really easy to solve. Anyway, I will try to check
> if overriding the mail creation methods would easily add the Keyword
> header.

1st line should look like a header, so it would still be:
Keywords: projectname

as the first line.

> >> > So:
> >> > ACTION: Provide a text/plain list of possible projectnames on
> >> > so I can automatically update the Mailman (API)
> >> >         configuration via Cron (like commits-list +
> >> 
> >> Well the projectnames came from jhbuild, so this should be just add a
> >> way to get a file using "jhbuild list", ie in the current
> >>, "gnome-apps-3.0" became a link to this list. Right?
> > 
> > Yes. Just give the output of jhbuild list of the configuration for
> > Suggest to update hourly or so. Then even when the
> > mailing list only updates once a day, we'll be sure it receives the
> > latest changes.
> Ok, although I guess that it would be enough to update it each time
> the master starts the builds. I will try to check if there is a way to
> update this file every time the master is going to start the build.

Good! What URL will you give it?
is what is used for (repositories.doap also exists).

Another question: What should the list be called? builds-list? I prefer
something short, and exclude crap like 'status'. Is there something
better than builds? Or maybe build-list, so it is the name as


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