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From: Olav Vitters <olav vitters nl>

> On Thu, Dec 09, 2010 at 06:04:17PM +0100, Piñeiro wrote:
>>   ACTION: Investigate setting up mail notification (bkor, api)
> [..]
>> So, the purpose of this mail is start to coordinating it, and not
>> forget this. AFAIK, Olav is in holidays, so this can be slow.
> I'm back.

So now it would be slow because of me ;)

>> Olav, is this enough or the mail from the buildbot should have a
>> specific format?
> For the topic bit in Mailman to work, put in something like:
> Keywords: projectname
> E.g.
> Keywords: evolution
> when it is regarding an evolution build problem.

A newer version of buildbot (0.8) include the parameter extraHeaders
[2], not included on the version that we are using. Anyway, I guess
that this is in order to instantiate a Notifier and provide always the
same headers. So I guess that this would just involve redefine
"buildMessage" on the notifier [3]. I will confirm that once I have
time to do that.

> So:
> ACTION: Provide a text/plain list of possible projectnames on
> so I can automatically update the Mailman (API)
>         configuration via Cron (like commits-list +

Well the projectnames came from jhbuild, so this should be just add a
way to get a file using "jhbuild list", ie in the current, "gnome-apps-3.0" became a link to this list. Right?

> ACTION: Create mailing list (me)
> ACTION: Create cron job (me)
> ACTION: Make send emails to the mailing list (API)
> Then very important not to generate the same emails each time. If you
> informed once, I don't want to see it every hour or so.

I took a brief loot to buildbot documentation [1], and you have the
'mode' paramater:

mode - one of:

    * 'all': send mail about all builds, passing and failing
    * 'failing': only send mail about builds which fail
    * 'problem': only send mail about a build which failed when the previous build passed

I guess that we are looking for 'problem', so this shouldn't be

And about configuration, as you can also configure if the build log is
included or not, should we include the log on the mail (so bigger




API (apinheiro igalia com)

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